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My Dream House

My Dream House


My dream house. My dream house would have to be a huge wooden cabin with 10 guest bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and 2 huge kitchens. I would also have a huge pool in the back that leads into the house. I would have one huge room in the basement for my man cave and I would have a bar down there and videogames and I would have two doghouses built into the wall for my huskies that I would get. The husky’s name would Sammy and Luke. My main bed room would have a huge 110 inch flat screen TV on the wall in front of my bed, I would also have an Xbox one with every game you can think of. I would also have a fireman pole leading into my kitchen downstairs. From one of my upstairs rooms I would have a huge slide leading into my pool. I would invite my friends over so we could hang out in one of the upstairs in my dedicated gaming room which has 5 flat screen TVs with a mini bar and surround sound speakers around the room. I would also have a huge room filled with guns, I love old war weapons. I would have a huge 2000 square feet room with a 1000 square foot aquarium in the center of the room with all kinds of tropical fish. My garage would be huge with fancy, exotic and expensive cars everywhere.https://i1.wp.com/daily-movement.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/lamborghini-aventador-roadster-galaxy-print-by-dxsc-1.jpg

My Team

My favorite soccer team is  Bayern Munich, they are my favorite team for many reasons such as they have my favorite player Manuel neuer and they are a premier club in Germany. Manuel is also on the German nation team which plays in the world cup. He is the captain of both teams and was given the golden glove in the last world cup which means he was the best goalkeeper in the world cup tournament. Bayern Munich also have Thomas Müller, Robert Lewandowski, Franck Ribéry which are also high class players. Bayern Munich’s stats so far are 5-1-2 and they have four more games to go. Bayern Munich has a lot of  players from the German National team on it. The german national team is considered the best team in the world due to how many times they won the world cup and how many world class players they have on their team. They can back up their title and it shows they are once again going to the world cup this coming up year. They rank is 1st in Europe qualifying with a record of 9-0-0 and a total for 30 points when the next closed team has 19 points which is Northern Ireland. They are the favored team to win the World Cup of 2018. They are in first for FIFA ranking position which means they are considered the best team in the world due to them winning the world cup last time and their win loss ratio. Overall Bayern Munich is my favorite team.


Soccer is life

Soccer is a huge part of my life, I have practice every day for 4-6 hours a day. I am on varsity soccer for my school, I am also on club soccer on a tier 1 2000 team. I have gotten noticed by some colleges to go play at there school. I wish I had more time to be a kid instead of always having practice but I know in the long run I have a better chance to go to college if I stick with soccer instead of hanging out with friends. My club coach used to play professional in England and after he played he became a professional coach for Manchester city.  I want to play professional one day. Sun_Devil_Soccer.jpg (1442×960)